Saturday, February 11, 2017

"Well. That's ominous."

Five bonus Character Points for the player(s) who can tell me what the text says without spoiling it for the others.
I think no more honest or truer words came from one of my players recently when I posted a sneak peek at the upcoming story arc for our campaign - "Well. That's ominous." To me, that ranks right up there with one of my favorite quotes from Aaron Williams' popular comic, Nodwick - "I just ominoused myself." And yes, I hope the PCs will be "ominousing" themselves in this story arc, because it marks the start of bigger challenges, higher stakes, and slimmer odds, just as each new season of Star Wars: Rebels has meant for Phoenix Squadron and the crew of the Ghost.

I've taken the format of Star Wars: Rebels to heart in that this campaign is going to be an episodic one with a number of story arcs. My previous campaigns leaned heavily on character backgrounds, which isn't bad, but it's hard when your players haven't given their characters much of a backstory to work with, if any. That's not to say that we know everything there is to know about the heroes of Star Wars: Rebels. We've gotten hints and clues as dramatic reveals of what's gone before for Kanan, Hera, and crew; what's more, (in my estimation) only a few episodes or smaller arcs have hung on those aspects. Fortunately, the campaign is still young and I remain hopeful that my players will come up with some interesting background tidbits I can steal borrow for plot elements.

I think my main issue in the past has been demanding too much detail and embedding too much of said detail in the campaign outline itself. In the past I've been a big, big junkie for details, and the intricacies and complications of the Expanded Universe has led to some headaches and frustration on my part as a GM. As it stands, I'm trying to pull back and "fly casual" with this campaign and the newly-simplified canon. The original trilogy and Rogue One comprise the backbone of the campaign's timeline and there are four story arcs over all. There are going to be a few "one-offs" in each story arc, so expect some interesting "entanglements", folks.

The latest campaign flyer. Five bonus Character Points to the player(s) who can tell me what the title of the story arc references without spoiling it for the others. Alien skull icon by Lorc.

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