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Tierfon Outpost - History and Technical Details

Emblem of the Tierfon Yellow Aces
Tierfon Outpost is one of several fighter bases in Sumitra Sector. Commanded by General Bryn Mawr, the outpost was home to the Tierfon Yellow Aces, a Y-wing training squadron, in addition to acting as a staging and refueling area for rebel ships on intelligence-gathering missions. The base also serves as a waypoint for Spec Ops teams between missions. Normally, the fighters acted as escorts for supply transports bound to various other bases and safeworlds in the region; with the Battle of Yavin, all of that changed.

Jek Porkins, one of several Yellow Aces lost at Yavin.
After the destruction of Alderaan, Tierfon's status was upgraded to "full active" and the Yellow Aces were called upon to bolster the defenses at the Alliance High Command's base on Yavin IV. The bulk of the base's Y-wings were transferred, including two fighters recovered by recruits Qinto Braxun, Robicheaux, and Chinuah. Though the ensuing battle was a much-needed victory for the Rebellion, it came at a high cost. The Yellow Aces sustained such heavy losses that the squadron was disbanded.

In its place a new X-wing squadron, Saber Squadron, has been formed. Commanded by Cmdr. Farion Kalena, the Sabers have formed up admirably under the pressure of being dropped into a "full active" situation. The emblem of the squadron, a combination of the old Jedi Order emblem and the Alliance starbird, was created in memory of General Obi-Wan Kenobi and the pilots who died at Yavin IV.

Saber Squadron emblems - trainee (left); veteran (right).
The squadron has already adopted its own traditions regarding helmet emblems. Pilots in training sport a blue emblem on their helmets until they have participated in a battle, after which the blue sigil is replaced by a red one. Veterans transferring from other squadrons have the option of retaining their old squadron emblem or having it replaced on one or both sides of their helmet with the Saber Squadron sigil. 

Artwork courtesy Wookieepedia
Tierfon - The System and Planet
System Data
System Name: Tierfon
Star Name: Tierfon
Star Type: Yellow
Orbital Bodies
 - Hieros (barren rock, no moons)
 - Thieros (volcanic, no moons)
 - Tierfon (terrestrial, two moons)
 - Kieron (gas giant, five moons)

Planetary Data
Planet Name: Tierfon
Orbit: 3
Planet Type: Temperate Terrestrial
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Standard
Moons: 2 (Fierra and Dieron)
Terrain: Forest, mountain, plains
Length of Day: 28 hours
Length of Year: 300 local days
Sentient Races: None native
Points of Interest: Tierfon Outpost
Starport: Standard (Tierfon Outpost)
Population: 159 (base personnel)
Government: Rebel Alliance
Tech Level: Space
Major Exports: None
Major Imports: Food, technology, medical

Personnel and Vehicle Complement
     Pilots - 18
     Ground Troops (incl. laser turret crews) - 54

     Commander - 1 (General Bryn Mawr)
     First Officer - 1
     Senior Engineers - 2
     Intelligence Officer - 1
     Senior Navigator -1
     Ground Troop Commander - 1
     Surgeons - 2 (Drs. Akembe and Vaocan)
     Junior Officers - 4

     X-wing Ground Crew chiefs - 8
     X-wing Ground Crew - 24
     Technicians - 18
     General Staff - 24
Total 159

     Airspeeders (Ace Flight) - 5 
     Landspeeders - 2
     Speeder Bikes - 4
     X-wing Starfighters (Saber Squadron) - 8
     (Plus hangar space for one shuttle or stock light freighter)
Total 19

Equipment and Systems
Notable Facilities
Medical Bay
Capacity: Low – One operating table, six recovery beds.
Staff: Veteran
- Dr. Shiran Akembe (stats forthcoming)
- Dr. Veedo Vaocan (Heroes & Rogues, p.128)
- MD-1 and MD-2 medical droids (Star Wars D6 Medical Sourcebook, p.82 [84])
Specialization: Burns, blunt force trauma, broken bones, miscellaneous illnesses, weather/sun exposure.
- Bacta tank
- Surgical suite

Sensor Systems and Countermeasures
Long-Range Sensors
Model: Fabritech LongView-382.X
Type: Long range sensor array
Skill: Sensors
Crew: 2
Cost: 110,000
Availability: 2, R
Range: Up to 10 Space Units from the planet. Sensor operators add +1D to their sensors skill.

Ground Sensors
Model: NeuroSaav 9954/I Sensor Array
Type: Installation-level sensor package
Skill: Sensors
Crew: 3
Cost: 6,000 (standard system plus LFI upgrade)
Availability: 2, R
Notes: Includes Full-Spectrum Transceiver (FST) capable of picking up basic information from as far as near-orbit; also includes Dedicated Energy Receptors (DERs), Hyperwave Signal Interceptor (HSI) and a Life-Form Indicator (LFI).

Targeting Computers (2)
Model: NeuroSaav 3K40 Targeting System
Type: Targeting computer
Cost: 8,000 (standard system plus upgrade)
Availability: 2, R
Notes: Provides gunnery skill bonus of 2D and target designation for up to five weapons of any scale per computer.

Sensor Jammer
Model: IntelStar BlindSide Sensor Jammer
Type: Sensor Jammer
Skill: Sensors
Cost: 5,000
Availability: 2, X
Note: Use of the jammer requires the sensor operator to make an opposed roll against the operator of the scanning sensors.

Sensor Blinds
Model: IntelStar Tranquility System I
Type: Sensor Blind
Skill: Sensors
Cost: 400,000
Availability: 4, X
Notes: Sensor blinds require the operator to engage in an opposed roll with the operator of the scanning sensors. If the blind's operator beats the opposing sensor operator by more than 5, then the scanner receives a false reading. These blinds are used to conceal the observation tower, bunker, control tower, and landing bay doors of the base.

Artwork courtesy Wookieepedia.
Anti-Infantry Laser Cannon
Weapon: Golan Arms DF .9
Type: Modified Anti-Infantry Battery
Scale: Speeder
Skill: Heavy weapons (blaster artillery)
Crew: 3
Cover: Full
Ammo: Unlimited (power generator)
Cost: 15,000 (new), 9,500 (used)
Availability: 3, R or X
Body: 3D
Fire Rate: 2
Fire Control: 2D
Range: 20-600/3/16 km
Blast Radius: 0-8
Damage: 4D 

Artwork courtesy Wookieepedia.
Anti-Vehicle Laser Cannon
Weapon: Atgar 1.4 FD P-TowerType: Light anti-vehicle laser cannon
Scale: Speeder
Skill: Heavy weapons (blaster artillery)
Crew: 4, skeleton: 2/+10
Ammo: 8 (battery), unlimited (power generator)
Cost: 10,000 (new), 2,000 (used)
Availability: 2, R or X
Body: 2D
Fire Rate: 1/2
Fire Control: 1D
Range: 10-500/2/10 km
Damage: 2D+2

Tractor Beam
Model: Arakyd Flight Bay Tractor Beam
Type: Medium tractor beam
Skill: Starship gunnery (tractor beam)
Crew: 1
Cost: 12,000
Availability: 2
Fire Control: 2D
Damage: 3D

Shield Generator
Model: MerrSonn Guardian-class shield generator
Type: Base shield generator
Scale: Capital
Skill: Starship shields (capital)
Crew: 2
Cost: 60,000
Availability: 3, R
Notes: The MerrSonn Guardian-class shields include both particle and energy shields. For each unit installed, 6D of protection can be called upon for up to four firing arcs.

Other Equipment
- Moisture Vaporators w/camo netting (10 vaporators; +2D to difficulty to detect camouflaged vaporators with sensor equipment at ranges longer than 20 meters).

Base Construction
Tierfon Outpost is located in a solid rock cliff face overlooking a massive valley. The location was chosen by rebel scouts because the cliff naturally shields flight paths to the base. Engineers blasted and dug a 250 meter deep cavern in to the rock to start, building interior walls of permacite and shaped formex. The outermost walls, as well as those around critical areas, were reinforced with a metal core. Additional epoxy armor was added to walls around command center and armory.

Piping and wiring were fixed directly onto the walls and ceiling plates allowing for easy access to repair, replace or expand the conduits. Above-ground facilities were built last and connected to the inside of the base by a series of tunnels. An internal comlink and public address system is wired throughout the base. While Tierfon does have an adequate hydrosphere, a series of camouflaged vaporators provide additional water for the base's transient population.

Tierfon's seasonal storms provide electromagnetic disturbances that can interfere with sensors. Sensor blinds and a jammer give the base and its structures additional EM camouflage. Anti-infantry and anti-vehicle laser cannons provide some defense against ground assault. A pair of targeting computers housed in the control tower allow operators there to control and direct weapon fire when necessary.

Despite Tierfon Outpost's significant defenses, base personnel harbor no illusions that they could repel a determined Imperial assault.

In my next entry I'll present some of the personalities of Tierfon Outpost's personnel.

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