Friday, January 20, 2017

Welcome to Sumitra Sector

General Bryn Mawr looked over the newest trio of recruits sitting in Tierfon Base's command center - a fledgling Jedi, a mystic, and a furry primitive that one of the protocol droids identified as an "Ewok". Mawr shook his head and chuckled inwardly, but quickly regained his composure.

"Gentlemen, er, beings," he began, handing Robicheaux and Qinto their own datapads. "Welcome to Sumitra Sector. Given the nature of this outpost and the service you've already rendered to the Rebel Alliance, you will leave here soon to receive formal training. In the meantime, the datapads in your hands will give you a brief history of the region as well as current information on the major worlds in this part of the sector.

Chinhua, seated in between the two humans, looked slightly put out that he didn't get his own shiny plate, but was satisfied that he could look at those held by either of his friends. Seeing that the smallest member of the group was content, General Mawr continued. "Now, then, let's begin with a bit of an overview and history..."

As General Mawr droned on about the region, Chinhua snuggled up against Robicheaux, kicking Qinto slightly. He blinked a couple of times, and then fell asleep, not even hearing Qinto complain as he kicked the Jedi once again in his sleep...

*   *   *

Sumitra Sector: Overview and History
Located in the Outer Rim Territories, Sumitra Sector, also known colloquially as "Tierfon Sector", consists of a number of star systems with a total of 12,387 planets and moons. Although the Empire has moved to tighten its grip on the Outer Rim, the sheer number of planets and moons in this sector alone has made it difficult for them to track - let alone destroy - all of our active cells.

One would think that the Sumitra system, which gave the sector its name, would be the sector capital, but instead this is a relatively tranquil farming world maintained by the Empire's iron grip. While it's not in open rebellion against Imperial rule, we do have sympathizers and at least two active cells there.

Thustra is both the sector capital and home to the Tierfon Sector Fleet. It's only fitting, given that this system was the focal point of unrest in the sector during the Clone Wars. Though the sector is overseen by Moff Caedius, he answers directly to Grand Moff Tarkin, who governs the Outer Rim Territories. Fleet Admiral Tzenkens currently commands the Tierfon Sector Fleet, replacing the recently retired Fleet Admiral Joser.

The Ptera system, home to the Flakax, is another Imperial hub within Sumitra Sector. While Thustra has a number of fleet facilities, Ptera's main world, Flax, is host to many mines and manufacturing facilities which produce various construction components for the Empire. The nature of Flakax society has posed a lot of questions for the Alliance High Command with regard to how best to sway the major hives to our side.

Like Ptera, Saurton is another major resource world in the sector. Essowyn, the homeworld of the Saurton, orbits between two asteroid belts rich in metals. Because the world's orbit is so erratic, it has experienced a great number of asteroid and meteor strikes in the past, forcing the native sentients underground.

Killaniri, the region's third resource system, is a major producer of prothium blaster gas. The system is also home to the Horansi, a tribal species that encompasses five different subgroups. In addition to corporate concerns for Blethern Gas, BlasTech and Czerka Weapons being in system, the Horansi homeworld of Mutanda is known as a draw for big game hunters.

Elshandruu Pica is a major metropolitan trade hub of the sector, and the home of Senator Thandor Mott. With the dissolution of the Imperial Senate, Senator Mott "retired" to his homeworld, but still remains sympathetic to the Rebellion.

The Reuss system, conversely, is the nexus of the sector's criminal underworld. Reuss VIII, the main world in the system, is an industrial disaster area, thanks to the Empire. The government is a corrupt hybrid of Imperial, corporate, and criminal interests. In terms of being a wretched hive of scum and villainy, Reuss VIII makes Mos Eisley look family-friendly. If you ever go there, pack an extra blaster, an environmental suit, and a couple of breath masks. You'll need them all.

Celanon, the homeworld of the Nalroni, is another major trade hub for Sumitra Sector. Traders (and smugglers) usually go there if they can afford the "fees" the officials "charge" and haggle with the best of them.

The Czeska Gap consists of nine star systems (Gap I through IX) running down the middle of the region. They were discovered by Republic scout Emar Czeska several millennia ago. At the time, Czeska evaluated the worlds to have little to no value to colonists, industry, or commerce, and even went as far to mark two of them "Not Habitable". These can be found on some older star charts labeled as "NH-1138" (Gap III) and "NH-2187" (Gap VIII).

*   *   *

The next thing Chinhua heard was General Mawr conclude, "...and that, recruits, covers what you need to know about this sector. Are there any questions?" as Robicheaux gently elbowed the Ewok back into consciousness.

Qinto raised his hand. "Yes, General. Given the news we just heard hours ago, how is it that we aren't launching strikes on the Empire's industrial interests here? We could easily cripple their operations -"

General Mawr held up a hand to interrupt the eager warrior. "Although the Death Star has been destroyed, we've lost a significant number of fighter pilots. The Tierfon Yellow Aces are officially being disbanded and part of our existing X-Wing squadron is being dispatched to aid in evacuating the base on Yavin IV. Even if we were at full strength, we would make a lot of noise while only putting very small dent in the Imperial war machine here. Stealth, information, and precision are needed more so than massive armies of clones - or partisans, as the case may be."

At Mawr's mention of the Clone Wars, Qinto's spine stiffened and a chill ran down it. In his mind's eye he saw his master being cut down by a squad of clone troopers - troopers he had come to view more as individuals and friends over the years. He dismissed the terrible images and nodded in acknowledgment of the general's experience.

Trying to distance himself from the newcomers, Mawr dismissed them. "If there are no further questions, you can find further information on the sector in planetary databases or the information will be given to you on a need-to-know basis. A shuttle for the training facility will be leaving within the next 24 hours. I suggest you get some rest. Good luck, and may the Force be with you."

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